Get to know Andrea Boddie

Andrea BoddieThis week, the Settler spoke with Andrea Boddie, Volunteer State Community College’s TRiO Student Support Services director.

Boddie’s background includes 20 years of service to families and individuals in the areas of personal, career and professional development.  She has been at Vol State, with the TRiO program, since 2005.

She cites her lack of guidance in high school and lack of advising in college as being the driving force behind her choice to work in higher education.

“I chose to go into college [and] career counseling so that others would have more information and support up front, which would provide students with better options and success,” she said.   Boddie’s work and school philosophy is “Excellence is not optional if you want to succeed.”

TRiO student Paul Farmer credits Boddie as being a big part of his success in college.
“Andrea really helped me with my graduation plans.  I had gotten off track with my credits and was in danger of not graduating,” he said.

Lisa Borre is a counselor with the TRiO program.  She calls working with Boddie “amazing.”

“Andrea has a true love for people.  She helps students and staff to maximize their potential.  She is inspirational,” said Borre.

“She’s created a family atmosphere in the office, and we all know that we can go to her for anything,” Borre said.

Off campus, Boddie has her own family.

She and her husband have two children.  Their daughter Jania, is 11 old and their son Jaylon is seven.

“Her things are art and Girl Scouts, where I serve as the Troop Leader.  His things are baseball and Transformers.

“One of our great family time activities is movie time and popcorn at home.”

She also said that she loves to organize.

Boddie said that although her children are about five years apart in age, they both made a pottery container in the first grade.  These are the two outer pots in the photo.  The smaller one was her daughter’s and the other one was made by her son.

The colorful pot in the center was made by Boddie’s daughter during a Girl Scouts camping trip in May 2010.

“Yes, the big flood in Nashville took place while we were at Camp Holloway in Millersville, Tenn.  There was a little rain, but we kept on camping and creating great pottery.  We all made it back safely,” she said.

Boddie can be reached at 615-230-3732 or through the TRiO office in Wood Campus Center, Room 211.


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