Get to know Lori Miller

Last week’s spotlight is Lori Miller, secretary for student services, enrollment management and evening services at Volunteer State Community College.
“I help coordinate evening event on this campus and our off campus sites, like Wilson Central and McGavock,” she said.
Miller is a 2008 graduate of Vol State. She earned an honors degree in general business administration, continued for another year and then transferred to Tennessee Tech, where she graduated in December, 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership.
“After starting to work again at Vol State, one day I got a call from (former director of student life and diversity) Dr. (Monique Robinson-) Wright saying ‘There is a position and YOU are applying for it.’
“You know she has that way about her that she could demand you to do things and then you grateful that you did,” said Miller.
Wright’s successor, Dr. Kenny Yarbrough, said that Miller is “phenomenal, and a joy to work with.”
Miller was an officer in Phi Theta Kappa while she was a student at Vol State and was active in student government.
“I choose this field because I have a passion for students. … I want to make sure everyone that walks in our doors has the best possible chance to achieve their potential,” she said.
She said that the office plans special events for evening students since they don’t often get to participate in the daytime activities on campus.
“We have snack nights and surprise nights. Currently, we have a few members around campus that are planning a huge event to take place in April. Watch for more information about that to come out soon,” she said.
She enjoys quilting and spending time with her husband.  They will celebrate their first anniversary on April 15.
Miller has two sons, Jacob, who is a Vol State student, and Jacen, who is 10.  Jacob is expecting his first child, with girlfriend Jara.
“When my son introduced me to his girlfriend, he mentioned that she liked giraffes too, and we both have a favorite color in common. So I put a purple bracelet around my giraffe’s neck and called it Jara.”
Jara (the giraffe, not the girlfriend), is a computer screen cleaner.  Miller said that it is made from a biodegradable material.
Miller plans to stay at Vol State for a long time to come.
“I have to tell you that from being a student here and now working here, I really feel like we are all family in some sort of way,” she said.


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