Get to know Stacy Womelduff

She’s not just another brick in the wall.

Stacy Womelduff, accounts manager for the Volunteer State Community College Foundation office.
Womelduff is in charge of preparing and producing fundraising publications and campaigns.  She also processes donations and resolves discrepancies in the accounts.
She is from Memphis, Tenn., where she formerly worked for Rhodes College.  She worked with students planning to study abroad.
Womelduff came to Vol State in 2004.
The foundation is the arm of the school that raises funds for scholarships and distributes the money to students.  Each year, more than $300,000 is disbursed, according to the foundation’s website.
“We give much needed assistance to students that may not have the funds to attend college … . I truly believe in what the foundation does and it brings much joy to see students succeed,” she said.
Womelduff is also currently a student at Vol State.  She said that she believes in the power of higher education to change people’s lives.
“There is nothing better than watching a student go on to bigger, brighter and better things all because we, as a college, helped them achieve their dream,” she said.
Womelduff served as adviser to the Vol State dance team for five years.  She said that she enjoys getting involved on campus, and feels that students, faculty and staff should take full advantage of the opportunities available.
Womelduff is also active in community activities, including an upcoming Muscular Dystrophy Association fundraiser that will see her “arrested.”
“I am looking for my Vol State family to help ‘bail’ me out,” she said.
The brick was found in Womelduff’s car after a tornado hit Vol State’s campus April 7, 2006.  The storm caused major damage on campus, destroying a large portion of Caudill Hall.
“It was shocking to everyone that experienced it.  The sheer devastation and emotional impact of walking out of a building that was half collapsed and not being able to locate your friends, car, or any belongings.
“It was quite scary.  Vol State handled this tragic event with the utmost of calm and collectiveness.  No one was hurt or injured and we made it through as a family.
“The brick that is currently in my office is a memento of the tornado.  It was from one of our buildings.  It keeps me grounded, thankful and reminds me that nothing is indestructible,” said Womelduff.
For additional information on the foundation, visit or call 615-230-3506.



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