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The Settler’s new home online

The Settler has a new home online., the newest feature of Volunteer State Community College’s student publication offerings, went live last week.

The new site will bring The Settler’s news and features to a worldwide audience.

“Going online created more opportunities for newspapers, such as competing with broadcast journalism in presenting breaking news in a timelier manner,” said Kumar Shammi in an eJournal article.

“Internet marketing enhances and reinforces messages from advertising in other media. … Online newspapers are reliable sources for quick information and it’s a great alternative when other newspapers are not available,” said Terry, the owner of an Arabic newspaper, via his website.

The print version of the paper will still be published weekly and available on campus.

The site and the print versions will overlap somewhat, but each will have content exclusive of the other.

An online publication allows for access anytime, anywhere.  It can be updated at any time, with no reliance on publishing dates.  This will allow The Settler to get news to the students and community in real time. will contain multimedia content that simply isn’t possible in a print version.  Video and audio clips will be included on the site.

It will also bring more connection to online students and those at Vol State’s campuses in Livingston and other locations.  These students have been underserved by the current print version due to the natural lag in delivery to the other campuses.

Vol State has a diverse student body.  More options for them to be connected and involved will bring stronger bonds between them and with the school.

Online news means more interaction between the publication and its readers.  Through comments, article sharing and other interaction with students, The Settler will become more fully a representation of the Vol State community.

The Settler is also integrating social media sites such as Twitter (@TheSettler) and Facebook ( to get more information to the community.  Through these accounts, real time updates will be available for breaking news stories and live blogging of events. is looking for student contributors as well as a media editor for the 2012-2013 school year.