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Get to know Amber Regan

Did last week’s diploma get you fired up for graduation? It’s almost here, so this week, The Settler visited with Amber Regan, graduation analyst at Volunteer State Community College.
Regan audits all graduation applicant records, sends information out to students regarding graduation requirements and maintains the degree evaluation tool in the student portal. In addition to technical aspects of graduation, Regan is also involved in planning the commencement ceremony and other activities.
“I enrolled at Vol State as a student right out of high school, in August 2003. I have been here ever since,” she said.
Not everyone can say that they have their dream job, but Regan does.
“Since I was in high school, I knew I wanted to work at Vol State. I love the atmosphere and what we do here. While working in the Advising Center I always enjoyed helping students with degree audits. For some reason it was like working a puzzle to me. That’s what I do every day now.
“I get to see all the pieces come together and help plan the commencement ceremony to honor the students’ hard work and dedication. Getting to see students excited on commencement day and when they pick up their diplomas is very rewarding,” she said.
Regan said that she is a perfectionist and always checks her work twice. “I have to, when it comes to working on someone’s graduation file. … I also try to teach students the importance of taking an active role when it comes to getting the job done, and done right.”
Regan’s husband, Jeff, is also a Vol State alumnus. Their son, Parker, is 2 and his son, Jake, is 6. She is active in church at Strong Tower Ministries in Westmoreland. She said that she enjoys horseback riding, Fall Creek Falls State Park, and hanging out with family and friends.
Regan said she is the keeper of the diplomas on campus, and displays her own on the wall in her office.
“I wish all of our graduating students would participate in our commencement ceremony. It’s free and a celebration for the students, so please, once that time comes for you – walk! You’ll be happy that you did.”
For more information about Vol State graduation, including the commencement ceremony on May 5 and graduate awards night on April 27, visit


Get to know the people of Vol State

A look back at some of the people The Settler has profiled this year:

Thank you, Vol State

Get to know Nadine Napier

This week The Settler visited with Mrs. Nadean Napier, secretary in the office of student life and diversity initiatives at Volunteer State Community College.

The office’s staff coordinates student activities, student organizations, evening student services and diversity initiatives.

Upcoming events include Spring Fling on April 4 and the spring career fair on April 25.

Students may be familiar with Napier because they have gotten their student ID or parking pass from her office or have visited her to file an appeal for a parking ticket they have received.

Napier is a 1999 graduate of Vol State and has been in her position for 13 years.

She said that she tries to be easy for students, faculty and staff to talk to.

Her efforts have paid off, because the Vol State Foundation created a Mama Nadean Napier textbook assistance scholarship.  It is awarded each year to a Vol State student that is 30 years old or older and attending full-time, according to the foundation’s website.

The foundation is the fundraising arm of the college, allowing donors to help fund scholarships to students.  Each year, more than 200 scholarships are awarded, totaling over $300,000.

Napier is the mother of five children and grandmother to 14.  She lives in Scottsville, Kentucky.

Outside of school and family, Napier enjoys reading and fishing.

The crystal apple on Napier’s desk was a gift from Dr. Monique Robinson-Wright, former director of student life and diversity initiatives.  Wright said that chose it because Napier’s fan kept blowing the papers off her desk.

“Vol State has some great staff and faculty also some great students and is a great place to work,” said Napier.

The office of student life and diversity initiatives is located in Wood Campus Center suite 215.  She can be reached at 615-230-3447.

Get to know Stacy Womelduff

She’s not just another brick in the wall.

Stacy Womelduff, accounts manager for the Volunteer State Community College Foundation office.
Womelduff is in charge of preparing and producing fundraising publications and campaigns.  She also processes donations and resolves discrepancies in the accounts.
She is from Memphis, Tenn., where she formerly worked for Rhodes College.  She worked with students planning to study abroad.
Womelduff came to Vol State in 2004.
The foundation is the arm of the school that raises funds for scholarships and distributes the money to students.  Each year, more than $300,000 is disbursed, according to the foundation’s website.
“We give much needed assistance to students that may not have the funds to attend college … . I truly believe in what the foundation does and it brings much joy to see students succeed,” she said.
Womelduff is also currently a student at Vol State.  She said that she believes in the power of higher education to change people’s lives.
“There is nothing better than watching a student go on to bigger, brighter and better things all because we, as a college, helped them achieve their dream,” she said.
Womelduff served as adviser to the Vol State dance team for five years.  She said that she enjoys getting involved on campus, and feels that students, faculty and staff should take full advantage of the opportunities available.
Womelduff is also active in community activities, including an upcoming Muscular Dystrophy Association fundraiser that will see her “arrested.”
“I am looking for my Vol State family to help ‘bail’ me out,” she said.
The brick was found in Womelduff’s car after a tornado hit Vol State’s campus April 7, 2006.  The storm caused major damage on campus, destroying a large portion of Caudill Hall.
“It was shocking to everyone that experienced it.  The sheer devastation and emotional impact of walking out of a building that was half collapsed and not being able to locate your friends, car, or any belongings.
“It was quite scary.  Vol State handled this tragic event with the utmost of calm and collectiveness.  No one was hurt or injured and we made it through as a family.
“The brick that is currently in my office is a memento of the tornado.  It was from one of our buildings.  It keeps me grounded, thankful and reminds me that nothing is indestructible,” said Womelduff.
For additional information on the foundation, visit or call 615-230-3506.


Get to know Lori Miller

Last week’s spotlight is Lori Miller, secretary for student services, enrollment management and evening services at Volunteer State Community College.
“I help coordinate evening event on this campus and our off campus sites, like Wilson Central and McGavock,” she said.
Miller is a 2008 graduate of Vol State. She earned an honors degree in general business administration, continued for another year and then transferred to Tennessee Tech, where she graduated in December, 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership.
“After starting to work again at Vol State, one day I got a call from (former director of student life and diversity) Dr. (Monique Robinson-) Wright saying ‘There is a position and YOU are applying for it.’
“You know she has that way about her that she could demand you to do things and then you grateful that you did,” said Miller.
Wright’s successor, Dr. Kenny Yarbrough, said that Miller is “phenomenal, and a joy to work with.”
Miller was an officer in Phi Theta Kappa while she was a student at Vol State and was active in student government.
“I choose this field because I have a passion for students. … I want to make sure everyone that walks in our doors has the best possible chance to achieve their potential,” she said.
She said that the office plans special events for evening students since they don’t often get to participate in the daytime activities on campus.
“We have snack nights and surprise nights. Currently, we have a few members around campus that are planning a huge event to take place in April. Watch for more information about that to come out soon,” she said.
She enjoys quilting and spending time with her husband.  They will celebrate their first anniversary on April 15.
Miller has two sons, Jacob, who is a Vol State student, and Jacen, who is 10.  Jacob is expecting his first child, with girlfriend Jara.
“When my son introduced me to his girlfriend, he mentioned that she liked giraffes too, and we both have a favorite color in common. So I put a purple bracelet around my giraffe’s neck and called it Jara.”
Jara (the giraffe, not the girlfriend), is a computer screen cleaner.  Miller said that it is made from a biodegradable material.
Miller plans to stay at Vol State for a long time to come.
“I have to tell you that from being a student here and now working here, I really feel like we are all family in some sort of way,” she said.